Sure, it has already won an award (The Ontario Library Association’s 2016 White Pine Honour Book Award), but I’m giving it another: best young-adult novel I’ve read in a very long time, and best one in the pile of 20 YA novels I had to take home and read recently to help out my local library.

Huh? Yeah, my local library is being renovated, and therefore has shut down for two months. Just before it shut down, the administrators pleaded with patrons to check out AS MANY BOOKS AS THEY COULD and keep them at home for TWO MONTHS. All the less to move around during the reno.

Call it a library-reno bookathon challenge, but I went for it. Yes, I have 20 books I’m reading, and yes, this is the best one. Bar none. My winner.

I’ve been a fan of author Don Aker’s for a long time, but this novel seems to exceed anything else he has done. Rather than review it here, I’ll just list the link.

Highly recommended!

Oh, and runner-up? Held by Edeet Ravel. Yeah, it has already won awards too. But these are my awards. And the first time I’ve ever wished that a reno would not finish on time!