It’s the No. 1 question we writers get, from both adults and children. My stock answer is “from my twisted imagination.” In truth, each of my 17 books have grown from different seeds: from experiences in my life, from things I’ve read or that have happened to friends, and so on. Of course, it’s not the idea that’s important, but what you do with the idea: how you grow it.

Well, I’ve now completed 17 “inside stories” that reveal how my books were born — how or why I grew them from vague ideas into completed books. Helpful, I hope, for both my readers/fans and writers out there in general.

Here’s how to locate them.
1. Go to my home page (
2. Click on “Books” at the top right.
3. Note the list of my titles on the middle right, and click on the one that interests you.
4. Click on “Read the story behind the book” just below the book summary.

Which inside stories are most interesting? I’d say First Descent, Andreo’s Race and (if you like horror stories, because every author has at least one) Paintball Island. Happy reading!