Since the Take It to the Xtreme series got launched, 15-year-old best friends Jake and Peter have survived whitewater rapids, an avalanche, a forest fire, movie stuntwork, killer surf waves, perilous rock-climbing, and much, much more.

In this latest instalment of the series, Jake and Peter are junior instructors at a noisy wakeboard school that is attempting to share a remote lake with a community of save-the-earth society dropouts (otherwise known as hippies). Jake and Peter love performing their own tricks behind a powerboat driven by the school’s founder, a macho young wakeboard fanatic known as “The Party Animal.” Then, Peter decides to encourage the wild streak in a rebellious hippie girl across the lake. She runs away to hide in a nearby abandoned sawmill, only to discover it’s not as abandoned as it looks. Soon, community tensions erupt, and the boys get more action than they bargained for.

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