Calling all middle-school and high school teachers, and teen boys interested in applying to be my next teen editor.

Dear teachers: Do you have a male student who likes to read, perhaps even aspires to be a writer or editor, and who is assertive (isn’t afraid to offer constructive criticism or speak his mind)? Is he thirteen years or older? Then please steer him my way.

Dear male teens: You can apply simply by writing me and telling me why you want to be my next teen editor. If I’m interested, I will ask you to supply two teacher references.

Here’s the blog I wrote about the teen editors who have read my adventure-novel manuscripts before they go to my editor:

What does a teen editor do? They look for dialogue that sounds dated or lame, and for anything else that doesn’t feel right to them. There are two rules for my teen editors:

1. If they read a manuscript and say everything’s great, no suggestions for changes, they’re fired. 🙂
2. When they turn 18, they have to turn over the baton to someone else. My current teen editor just turned 18. 🙁

Teen editors have a choice between being paid a small amount, or opting to have me critique some of their writing. And I’m happy to serve as a reference for job or college applications.

Hopefully they like the kind of books I write: adventure novels particularly popular with boys.
Interested? Just write me a few paragraphs (no more) as to why you want to be my teen editor, and put “teen editor challenge” in the subject line.

Teachers, if you put someone forward (again, just a paragraph or two as to why you’re recommending them), make sure they know it first!

I look forward to hearing from you! See the contact-me box on the bottom right of my home page:

Pam Withers