I’ve done and written about a lot of adventure sports in my time, but imagine being swept away by a “new” one I’ve only just discovered existed!

I don’t like to give things away ahead of time, but I am in the middle of writing a new young-adult adventure novel based on this sport: canyoneering.

It’s all about descending canyon drainages, which is like combining three sports: climbing (as in rappelling down), caving and whitewater navigation. It involves everything from down-climbing waterfalls as they pound your body with water, leaping into pools beneath falls, and squeezing through tunnels or between boulders and logs. It involves trying not slip on mossy rocks, searching for natural anchors and drinking in (sometimes literally) the stunning natural beauty of canyons.

It’s way too early to tell you more about my novel-in-progress, but I want to share the most thrilling adventure film I’ve ever discovered, produced by a canyoneer who is serving as my consultant on the project: Francois-Xavier De Ruydts (http://www.deruydtsphotography.com/)

Here it is, available as trailer or full download. It’s well worth the money to check out the full download, trust me!