In the fifth adventure of the Take It to The Xtreme series, fifteen-year-old best friends Jake and Peter are cruising the Northwest Coast on a yacht from which they help lead ocean kayak tours. Better yet, on their hours off, they break out their surf boards to hit the waves with an attractive fifteen-year-old French girl who is on the trip. But when the three teens get permission to go scuba diving, a harrowing misadventure leaves them stranded on a remote island. The boys’ competition for the girl turns to panic when they find that the yacht has mysteriously abandoned them. Although buoyed by the discovery of surfboards in an empty cabin, the trio are soon locked into a fight for their lives when a major storm hits as they attempt to cross the serious stretch of open water between their island and the mainland. By the time they’ve tangled with thirty-foot waves, the stubbornness of their companion, and a grave robber, the boys have a new respect for nature, local legends, and what does and doesn’t belong to them.

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