Fifteen-year-olds Jake and Peter land jobs as skateboarding stuntboys on a movie set. The boys couldn’t be happier, but their dream job proves to be more trouble than they expected. A demanding director, an uneasy relationship with three local skateboarding toughs, and a sabotage attempt, which suggests there is a jealous rival in their midst, are just some of the obstacles these stuntboys encounter.

Then there’s the BMX bike gang determined to use ramps from which they’ve been banned, even if it means befriending Jake’s sister to do so. Coaching from the town’s new skate park manager-a former X-Games champ-helps. But a police chase that lands someone in the hospital is the last straw. Jake and Peter know it’s time to find out who has it in for them, and why.

A portion of the proceeds of Skater Stuntboys will go to the Tony Hawk Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes and provides funds for high-quality public skateboard parks in low-income areas. Since its launch in 2002, the foundation has awarded over 1 million dollars in grants to more than 250 skatepark projects.

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