To all adventure lovers: Here’s the latest review for my new young-adult novel Tracker’s Canyon

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by educator Martha Lawton for NetGalley

“Tracker’s Canyon was a great adventure story for many students. The book is well written and keeps the reader’s attention as the stakes become higher for Tristan. The book is based on a sport called canyoneering; something I have never heard about.
Tristan is 16 years old. His father who disappeared in Swallow’s Canyon was never found and presumed dead. His mother is a mess, his uncle tries to help, but things just seem to keep getting worse. Tristan’s father taught him all about tracking and canyoneering, but taking care of his mother and no money meant he was trapped at home. When an opportunity comes up to go into Swallow’s Canyon, he jumps on it. Not everything is what it seems and Tristan needs to use all of his skills to survive and find out what happened with his father.
Tracker’s Canyon is an excellent adventure story and a great read!”

Q: Will you adopt this title for a course, curriculum, or classroom? A: Yes
Q: Will you recommend that your students read or purchase this title? A: Yes

Notes: “Loved the book… it is a definite recommendation for some of my adventure loving kids!”

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