It’s official: I have a new young-adult adventure novel scheduled to come off the press the summer of 2017. It was only just accepted by Dundurn Press. I love the cover, which my teen editor helped select.

You can pre-order Tracker’s Canyon already on Amazon now. Or at Chapters/Indigo.

Here’s what it’s about:

When Tristan’s dad disappears, he puts his tracking skills to the test to find him — but will Tristan’s talents save him if it turns out to be a trap?

Thanks to his dad’s coaching, sixteen-year-old Tristan is one of the best climbers and trackers in his community. He can read footprints and bushes like they’re security-camera footage, and fearlessly descend rock faces and waterfalls. But when his father disappears, leaving his mother too grief-stricken to function, the young canyoneer’s life goes into freefall.

Left in the hands of a well-meaning but incompetent uncle and a space-cadet housekeeper, Tristan finds life a struggle no matter how hard he works. Finding himself near the end of his rope at home, the teen decides to set off into Swallow Canyon to search for his father — only to realize that someone seems to be out to get him. Now the question is who’s stalking whom, and are Tristan’s skills up to the dangerous game playing out in the deep, shadowy ravine?

Sorry you have to wait a few months to read it, but Dundurn Press is working hard to bring it to you then!

So, what is canyoneering? As shared in an earlier blog of mine when I was first researching this novel, click here for one of the most thrilling adventure films I’ve ever discovered, produced by a canyoneer who served as one of my consultants on the novel: Francois-Xavier De Ruydts. It’s available as trailer or full download. It’s well worth the money to check out the full download.