We met througvanshteenedoct2016h a teacher librarian when my former teen editor turned eighteen. (I fire my teen editors when they turn eighteen :). Vansh had a trial by fire: I had two young-adult adventure manuscripts for him to go through the minute he agreed to the position. (One of those, Tracker’s Canyon, has just been accepted by Dundurn Press and will be out the summer of 2017.) He helped choose the cover photo for that one from three the publisher showed us.

And on both those first two manuscripts he had to read carefully during his summer vacation, he came through for me, marking some teen dialogue as outdated, suggesting replacement expressions, letting me know anywhere he felt the text or scenes could be made stronger or clearer.

Now he’s waiting patiently for my current novel-in-progress to be passed to him, having approved its tentative title and topic already (The Parkour Club). So, welcome aboard, Vansh. And a shout-out to your younger sister, Vuruni, an avid reader I’ve had the privilege of meeting twice.

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