Help! I am working at three novels at one time. I hate that. I only like to work on one at a time. (Though I know one author who always likes to work on two at a time. She calls one her “morning novel” and the other her “afternoon novel,” and says she gets more work done per day by switching to a different project than if she stuck with just one.)
I just finished and submitted one a few weeks ago, and had started on another when I realized that I had an outline in a drawer that I meant to pull out and turn into a novel after the one I just finished.
          So I am busy converting the outline, but the other new one won’t stop percolating in my mind, so that one is still on a burner, developing slo-mo.
Then I was given some changes to make to the one I just turned in, so… arrgh! Three on my plate.
Morning, afternoon and night?