A world-record holder with his 98-foot descent of Upper Johnston Falls in Canada, extreme kayaker Tao Berman will thrill you with the riveting story of pushing himself to the unthinkable edge. He also shares tales of a childhood spent running wild in the mountains of eastern Washington, which ultimately led to his becoming a whitewater wunderkind—a reputation forged on guts, training, persona and maybe even a little luck.

Men’s Journal reports that “because of Tao, whitewater paddling is one of the fastest-growing sports in America.” With Tao as your guide, you’ll get an insider’s look into the adrenaline rush of man versus nature.

You’ll also witness how Tao has adapted his river-savvy to negotiating the whitewater of the business world, creating a marketing plan that launched his successful career and allowed him to run wild through both the record books and life.