Take a remote ranch near Spokane, Washington. Add a dirt-bike trail outfitter in need of junior guides. Now stuff the new guides – fifteen-year-old best friends, Jake and Peter – in a trailer parked beside the ranch’s motocross racetrack. It doesn’t hurt, the boys figure, that their boss is a former motocross champion willing to coach them and drive them to local races. In fact, it all sounds like a perfect summer for Jake and Peter, who consider themselves the ideal team. Peter is a freestyle maniac who hates doing bike maintenance. Jake dreams of being a motocross-race mechanic without having to race himself. They ignore warnings from their boss and his fifteen-year-old female ranch-hand (who is also a motocross racer) that their over-reliance on one another won’t work if they’re ever separated. It takes a series of race and trail mishaps topped off by a natural disaster to convince them that the most successful dirt bikers understand their motorcycles inside and out.

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