• “Our staff and students were invigorated”

    Thank you again for coming to Glenrosa Middle School. Our staff and students were invigorated by your presentation and your books cannot stay on the shelves. We had so much interest that we have bought 35 of your books to use with our all-boys classes for Lit Circles. Thanks,

  • “rarely seen a group more riveted”

    I have rarely seen a group more riveted by an author, and that goes for well-established ones. A good book, a varied pace, and the kids love seeing the video clips.

  • “still talking about Pam’s visit”

    Our students are still talking about Pam’s visit! She’s a very engaging speaker. Her combination of book talks, personal experience, video clips, props and audience participation kept our large audience attentive and wanting more!

  • “Exciting, informative”

    Exciting, informative, fast-paced and thoroughly engaging to our entire middle school.

  • “really enjoyed the talk”

    The kids really enjoyed the talk. All nine copies of Raging River have been checked out and are on hold.

  • “Even the youngest were captivated”

    Extremely well received by our first through sixth-graders. Even the youngest were captivated by her real-life stories, readings and video clips!

  • “inspires students to believe in themselves”

    Pam was superb! She drew students into the process of writing and publishing, described how real-life situations are worked into her stories, and emphasized her extensive research. She inspires students to believe in themselves and their ability to survive difficult situations while tempering that with warnings about safety.

  • “The adults loved it too!”

    A great presentation able to keep all of the 5th and 6th graders enthused for the whole hour. The adults loved it too!

  • “A great success”

    A great success. The students were engaged and inspired. I particularly appreciated your explanation that the editing and refining of writing goes on even when you are a published author.

  • “lively, entertaining and informative”

    Pam Withers is a clear and engaging speaker able to capture her audience’s attention and hold it with her lively, entertaining and informative presentation.

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    • “Exciting, informative”

      Exciting, informative, fast-paced and thoroughly engaging to our entire middle school.

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