• Writing Series – Three Authors Tell All (2010) Multiple-book contracts, a stream of advance checks, work sold before it’s written, readers chomping at the bit for your next book—for many writers, this is the stuff of dreams and goals. For series writers, it’s a common reality. But does this silver lining come with a cloud? What about deadlines, boredom, or review fatigue? What ... Read more
  • One Xtreme to Another (2006) Jake Evans and Peter Montpetit are only 15 years old, but already they’ve survived whitewater rapids, an avalanche, perilous mountain climbs, getting lost in the woods and marooned on an isolated Pacific island, and a run-in with the police. You might say they’re overachievers. The boys – the main characters in Whitecap Books’ Take it to ... Read more
  • Canadian Review of Materials (2004) “An accidental novelist” is how Pam Withers describes herself, and it was actually enforced unemployment that led to her becoming a writer of adventure stories for adolescents. Pam was born July 31, 1956, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the second of six children, but she was nearly born in Alaska. “My dad was an Episcopal minister, and when ... Read more
  • The Bookmark (2004) Looking for an action packed summer read? Do you enjoy plots that are filled with adventure, problem solving and challenges? Do you want to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, textures, temperatures, and smells of British Columbia’s wilderness? Do you love a book that is so filled with tension that you have to take breaks ... Read more
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    • “A great success”

      A great success. The students were engaged and inspired. I particularly appreciated your explanation that the editing and refining of writing goes on even when you are a published author.

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